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Case Study: The International Taste Institute

The International Taste Institute offers professional evaluation and certification of food and beverage products, helping thousands of companies around the world (including household names like Coca-Cola and Heineken) to improve the quality of their food and drink products and increase their sales. 

The company offers objective evaluations of food and drink products carried out by professional chefs and sommeliers, who blind-test products based on first impression, vision, olfaction, taste, texture and final sensation.

However, to attract more customers it knew it needed to produce relevant, authoritative content that would engage its target audience and demonstrate the value of product evaluation and certification.

With my help, the International Taste Institute was able to:

·       Produce two ebooks for customers to download

·       Publish a series of posts on its new blog (click here to read)

·       Share the posts on LinkedIn and social media

The Challenge

The International Taste Institute wanted to create original, research-based content that would appeal to its target audience in a highly competitive industry.

By providing this type of authoritative content, the company could increase its credibility by positioning itself as an expert within the industry. The content would also raise awareness of the International Taste Institute, while highlighting the value of product evaluation and certification.

Its goal was to create two ebooks (one on product evaluation and the other on certification), each divided into chapters that would function as independent articles.

The articles would then be posted on the company’s new blog with links to download the full ebook, as well as on LinkedIn and social media.

The International Taste Institute planned to monitor which prospects downloaded the ebooks, allowing it to target those who already showed an interest in its product.

The Approach

Since we had already established a strong working relationship that began two years previously on a separate project, the International Taste Institute contacted me for help with the new task.

Before creating the content, I carried out extensive research on the subject area. 

I helped the International Taste Institute to shape the vision of the ebook, making sure it was relevant and engaging while selling the idea of product certification and evaluation.

I wrote detailed briefs for each article, followed by high-level content based on my research.

I used statistics, quotes from authoritative sources and storytelling to craft the content, bringing the text to life with real-world examples that food and drinks developers can relate to.

The Outcome

The International Taste Institute was delighted with the content, which enabled it to demonstrate the value of product evaluation and certification to food and beverage companies, while positioning themselves as an authoritative voice within the industry.

The company continues to grow, providing evaluation and certification for food and drink developers in over 100 countries. To date it has evaluated more than 15,000 products from around the world, and it has recently expanded its service to offer two openings per year for companies to submit their new products rather than just one.

Content is a key part of the International Taste Institute’s growth, as it brings to life the benefits of evaluation and certification for food and beverage companies worldwide.


Laurent van Wassenhove, Managing Director of the International Taste Institute, said:


“Holly has worked with us on multiple long-term projects, so she was our first choice when it came to creating the ebook content. She has proven herself to be a versatile writer who can adapt her style of writing to suit many different purposes. Her research is extremely thorough and her writing skills are excellent. With her help we were able to create authoritative content that demonstrates our expertise and the value of our product. Holly is reliable and professional - highly recommended!”

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