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Case Study: Icicle Technologies

Icicle is an advanced food production software that enables food processors and producers to manage most aspects of their food business in one unified system.

From food safety to production, maintenance and more, Icicle uses intelligent technology to create an integrated system that is efficient and user friendly.

However, in this highly competitive industry it can be difficult to make your product stand out. 

Icicle knew it needed to create high-quality blog articles and case studies to showcase its product in front of food processors and producers. This would enable it to position itself as an authoritative source within the industry and demonstrate how its product improves the ROI of food producers and manufacturers.


With my help, Icicle was able to:

·       Produce a series of both long-form and short-form blog articles (click here to read)

·       Create detailed case studies to showcase its product

·       Reach a wider audience by posting on LinkedIn

The Challenge

Icicle wanted to create original content that would appeal to its target audience and attract new clients.

The case studies and articles would be posted on the company’s blog and website, as well as on LinkedIn and social media.

However, the content needed to highlight the benefits of the software and address the specific concerns of food processors and producers.


Many of Icicle’s prospects have been producing food for a long time and already have established, paper-based systems. They are often worried about switching to a cloud-based solution like Icicle because they are concerned it will be disruptive and difficult to implement.

To allay these fears, the content needed to focus on Icicle as a user-friendly solution that would smoothly integrate with clients’ existing systems and streamline their processes.

The Approach

Icicle needed a creative writer with strong research skills and previous experience in the food and beverage industry, and I was the perfect fit.

Creating the content required an in-depth understanding of the Icicle software. Through independent research and Zoom interviews with CEO Steve Burton, I gained a clear understanding of the key features and functions of the technology.

I used previous case studies to form the basic structure of the new content, embellishing the text with the most relevant quotations from client interviews to bring their stories to life.

I made sure the case studies had a very clear focus on the customer’s specific needs and highlighted the ways in which Icicle helped them to grow their business and become more efficient. 

I also used the case studies to highlight how Icicle can be implemented with minimal fuss and disruption, reassuring the target audience and using real-world examples to reinforce this message.

The Outcome

Icicle were thrilled with the finished articles, which were a great resource to help its sales team get key decision-makers over the line.

By ramping up their content marketing, Icicle were able to increase customer engagement and generate more leads.

Adi Burton, Communications Director at Icicle, said:

“Holly completed her assignments promptly and successfully. It required the ability to learn about our product and translate technical knowledge into a readable format, which she was able to do to our satisfaction. Holly knew when to ask for help and completed most of the tasks without further assistance. She communicated very effectively and professionally throughout the contract.”

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